2019 Behavioral Health Public Policy Agenda

The Association proposed a package of mental health improvement initiatives in August 2017 that we called Mental Health 2020.  This aimed to restore funding balance to the Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) System as well as assist in workforce development programs to increase the number of psychiatrists who will be trained and incentivized to stay in Kansas.  The Association also requested funding for the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) to invest in community-based crisis stabilization and treatment services similar to programs commenced in Kansas City with Rainbow Services, Inc. and in Wichita with the COMCARE Crisis Center.

Mental Health 2020 Press Release

Citing strong concerns about funding cuts to the community mental health system and the need for other system enhancements, the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas is proposing to state policy makers an initiative that will be known as Mental Health 2020.

KanCare Provider Cuts

A strong health care delivery system keeps Kansans healthy and provides value to our state’s economy. The health care sector is the 4th largest industry in Kansas and accounts for almost 12 percent of all job holders in the state. As such, the governor’s action to cut Medicaid provider reimbursement rates will not only create further stress on the current health care system, but will have a direct impact on the state’s economy.