Who We Are

Who We Are 

The 26 licensed Community Health Centers (CMHCs) have a combined staff of over 4,500 providing mental health services in every county of the state in over 120 locations.  Together they form an integral part of the total mental health system in Kansas.

Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of CMHCs is to provide quality care, treatment and rehabilitation to individuals with mental health problems in the least restrictive environment.  The CMHCs provide services to all those needing it, regardless of economic level, age or type of illness.  The CMHCs strongly endorse treatment at the community level, in order to allow individuals to keep functioning in their own homes and communities, at a considerably reduced cost to them, third-party payers, and/or the taxpayer.


The 26 licensed CMHCs operating in Kansas have a separate duly elected and/or appointed board of directors.  Each of these boards is accountable to the citizens served, county officials, the state legislature, and the Governor, and all have reporting responsibilities to the national level of government.

Shared Governance

Community Mental Health Centers are more than just another group of providers.  They are the county’s legally delegated authorities to manage mental health care in Kansas.  These CMHCs function as the local mental health authorities.  As such, the Kansas mental health system is a relationship of shared governance between two governmental entities – the state and the counties.

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