Kyle Kessler
Executive Director

Colin Thomasset
Associate Director

Heather Elliott
Communications and Education Coordinator

Kay Swietek
Executive Assistant


The 26 licensed Community Health Centers (CMHCs) have a combined staff of over 4,500 providing mental health services in every county of the state in over 120 locations.  Together they form an integral part of the total mental health system in Kansas.

Our Primary Goal

The primary goal of CMHCs is to provide quality care, treatment and rehabilitation to individuals with mental health problems in the least restrictive environment.  The CMHCs provide services to all those needing it, regardless of economic level, age or type of illness.  The CMHCs strongly endorse treatment at the community level, in order to allow individuals to keep functioning in their own homes and communities, at a considerably reduced cost to them, third-party payers, and/or the taxpayer.


The 26 licensed CMHCs operating in Kansas have a separate duly elected and/or appointed board of directors.  Each of these boards is accountable to the citizens served, county officials, the state legislature, and the Governor, and all have reporting responsibilities to the national level of government.

Shared Governance

Community Mental Health Centers are more than just another group of providers.  They are the county’s legally delegated authorities to manage mental health care in Kansas.  These CMHCs function as the local mental health authorities.  As such, the Kansas mental health system is a relationship of shared governance between two governmental entities – the state and the counties.



We envision that the statewide system of CMHCs will be a leader in developing healthy communities.  Working with local, state, and national partners, our system will deliver services that are recovery-focused, innovative, accessible, and driven by community, consumer, and family needs.

Promote a fully resourced system that delivers efficient, effective, and accountable behavioral healthcare accessible to all Kansans through locally governed Community Mental Health Centers, subsidiaries and strategic partners.

Excellence in all facets of our work. We are public servants and must get quality results by leveraging and expanding our professional expertise. Our stakeholders and consumers expect us to be reliable, effective and efficient. We will pursue excellence by being progressive in our thinking and innovative in our services.

Forthrightness and accountability in all our relationships. We respect the human dignity of our consumers and the commitment of our stakeholders. We choose to trust and to be trustworthy, to communicate openly and honestly, and to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We embrace accountability because we are committed to excellence.

Leadership and partnership. Our association serves its members and other stakeholders best by being a strong advocate for behavioral healthcare. We must be both a statewide leader that challenges the status quo and a partner working with others to pursue innovation.

Being results-oriented and driven by consumer needs. We work for positive treatment outcomes with direct input from the people we serve.

A statewide system based on a foundation of diverse, locally-governed and community-focused mental health centers.


The Board of Directors elect, by majority vote, on a bi-annual basis, the officers of the corporation (Executive Committee).  They serve on the Executive Committee for a period of two years.  Terms of office commence on July 1st and terminate on June 30th of each election year.

David Elsbury, President
Kanza Mental Health & Guidance Center

Michael Garrett, Past President
Horizons Mental Health Center

Greg Hennen, President-Elect
Four County Mental Health Center

Jessie Kaye, Vice President
Prairie View, Inc.

Randy Callstrom, Secretary
Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

Brenda Mills, Treasurer
Family Service & Guidance Center

Matt Atteberry, Member At Large
Labette Center for Mental Health Services